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Operations Executive -Data Acquisition

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Date: Aug 6, 2019

Location: Tokyo, JP

Company: Nielsen

Operations Executive -Data Acquisition - 38217

Operations - Japan Tokyo



Job Scope:

CI&I project operations

  • Review project design and contact vendors for quotation in order to submit proposals
  • Manage the whole project (including project set-up, vendor management, operation studies, and delivery of data to clients)
  • Manage costs (including negotiating with vendors)
  • Contribute to overall cost deduction by improving the operation efficiency and sharing ideas for cost savings



  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Ability to multitask within a short period of time 
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with other departments and clients
  • Ability to correspond in English
  • Tolerance and persistence
  • Self-starter; Able to come up with ideas on improving process efficiency and deducting cost
  • Desire to self-improve
  • Willing to do detailed work as there is a lot to check in each process including data check



  • Work experience in a research company 
  • Experience of sales assistant, correspondence aligned with other departments and external vendors
  • TOEIC score 750 or higher 




  • 提案書送付にあたりプロジェクトデザインの確認およびベンダーへの見積もり依頼と精査
  • プロジェクト内容全体を把握し、プロジェクトセットアップ、ベンダーマネジメント、実査オペレーション、データ納品まで
  • コスト管理(ベンダーとの交渉含む)
  • ジョブを経験することにより作業効率化、コスト削減のアイディアを出し、チーム全体のコスト削減に貢献する



  • 4年制大学卒業
  • 短期間の中でも優先順位を付けてマルチタスクが実行できる
  • プロジェクトマネジメント(調整能力含む)
  • 社内/外との連携したコミュニケーションが取れる
  • メールでのコレポン(英語)に支障がないこと
  • 忍耐力/継続性
  • 業務効率向上やコスト削減において自らアイディアを出す等、セルフスターター
  • 自己成長したい人
  • データチェックやプロセスごとの確認が多いため、細かい作業が苦ではないこと



  • リサーチ会社での経験
  • 営業アシスタント、他部署や外部ベンダーとの連携業務経験
  • TOEIC 750点以上



We’re in tune with what the world is watching, buying, and everything in between. If you can think of it, we’re measuring it. We sift through the small stuff and piece together big pictures to provide a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening now and what’s coming next for our clients. Today’s data is tomorrow’s marketplace revelation.

We like to be in the middle of the action. That’s why you can find us at work in over 100 countries. From global industry leaders to small businesses, consumer goods to media companies, we work with them all. We’re bringing in data 24/7 and the possibilities are endless. See what’s next with us at Nielsen:

Primary Location:  Tokyo

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